Herfst in Utrecht

Herfst in Utrecht
The leaves are changing and drifting, so herfst (autumn) must be upon us. I was particularly struck by the beautiful red leaves of this tree echoing the red of the Utrecht shield held by the lion atop the gate.

What’s with the words on a Wednesday? Mainly it’s an excuse to mention that I’ve been nominated by Expatsblog.com for their Expats in Netherlands blog award. Part of the judging criteria is based on the comments left about my blog on their page for my site, so if the spirit moves you to say a few kind words, I’d be grateful. For those who already have left kind words, thank you! I’ve been honestly touched by the nice things people have had to say. While you’re there, you can check out blogs from around the world. It’s fascinating to read the broad range of experiences people have and how they adjust to and view their new homes.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall


I had thought about taking a different interpretation of the word fall for my photo this week, but then I got caught up in work and now it’s Thursday afternoon, so I’m going back and raiding my photo archives of a couple of photos I took in 2009 during the early days of fall/autumn/herfst. I was struck that day by how the orange and yellow of the leaves seemed to stand out more vividly against the grey, rainy sky.

Our weather this week is a bit of a surprise after the incredibly wet summer we had. It’s 26C right now, which is about ten degrees warmer than it ever got this summer. We’re looking at more sunshine and warm temps through the weekend. It took the arrival of fall for us to finally get some summer weather. I’m sure we’ll all enjoy it before it turns from Indian summer to traditional fall.
Autumnal Colors

Autumn in Utrecht

First off, I should probably warn you that some of these photos may induce a sense of dizziness due to a bit of swirly blur in them. This is what happens when you use a camera phone to take photos, while you’re attached to a large dog going out for the first time that morning.

It’s the first of November and it’s clear that autumn (herfst) is in full swing here in Utrecht. The leaves, which have been slowly turning yellow and falling into the street, are creating a fabulous show of color around town, including at Zocherpark in our neighborhood. When I went out with Pippo this morning, I was struck by how beautiful it all looked. It’s a grey, overcast day, but it’s easy to ignore that part and just focus on the kaleidescope of vivid fall colors. With the canal running along side the park, it really is picture perfect (even if my pictures weren’t perfect today).
Autumn Swirl

Herfst on High
I think I might give NaBloPoMo a shot again this month. I shall try to aim for quality as well as quantity, but I make no promises! In the meantime, enjoy the crisp carpet of leaves!
Colorful Carpet