Ijs Ice Baby

Ijs Ice Baby
Today, I had a sudden craving for a smoothie from The Juice Shop, a small North Carolina chain that sells nothing but smoothies. I first tried one right around the time they opened, because they started off in downtown Greensboro, not far from the Greensboro News & Record, where I was working at the time. I think to get all of us hooked on the things, they brought in samples to different departments. The plan worked. I was never a huge smoothie fan, but I loved The Juice Shop’s version. They’re so simple and such great flavors! The Arctic Orange is probably my favorite, but they’re all lekker!

So, knowing that I can’t get one any time soon, I figured I’d try to make my own. That meant that while I was at the grocery store today, I’d have to pick up some ingredients. Along with the bananas, I also picked up a frozen fruit blend (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.). I had hoped to get just strawberries, but they didn’t have them on their own. I could have just bought fresh, but I figured I might as well go with the frozen ones, since I wanted the smoothie to be slightly frozen anyway. I also couldn’t find orange sherbet, so now I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out. Oh well, it will be healthier without the sherbet anyway!

While I was looking at the frozen section, I noticed a package of ice cubes. Not a bag of ice, as my American readers will be familiar with; this was a fairly small, rectangular package of ice cubes, neatly squared off and packaged. You see, ice just isn’t much of a thing in Europe. You’ve got to ask for it. Fortunately, it’s not really been an issue for me, since I rarely order anything while I’m out that would require ice. Luckily, if necessary, we do also have a little ice cube tray, which I’ll probably finally use this summer when I make some Pimm’s Cups.

So, if you’re planning on moving to/visiting Europe and you really like your ice, be prepared. You’ll have to ask for it when you’re out and about; they won’t give you much; and you’re probably better off bringing the larger size of ice trays if you’re moving. It’s just one of those little differences.