Pretty Clouds [Day 109/365]
So, yes, if you’re trying to get in or out of Europe, you’re probably not having much luck unless you’re going by boat, as my parents wisely decided to do (for unrelated reasons). There seems to be an unpronounceable volcano spewing masses of ash (es in Dutch) all over Europe. I must say, though, the name of that volcano suddenly makes Dutch seem downright makkelijk (easy)!

One of the jokes is that this is Iceland’s revenge for the UK and Netherlands trying to get their money back after the IceSave disaster. I’m sure all the people stranded aren’t really seeing the humor in the situation at the moment. For the rest of us not effected, the only immediate impact is that the skies are now free of airplane vapor trails, leaving the clouds to flit and feather their way across the sky unimpeded. With the bonus of the beautiful weather we’ve been having, it’s really quite gorgeous outside.

There might have been a very thin coat of ash on the car when we went out today, but it could also just be normal grime. Hard to tell, since we don’t use the car much. We headed out to Gamma to pick up some materials to fix the holes in our living room wall and ceiling. On our way there, we passed the windmill in town, so I decided to get a shot, especially since they seem to have rotated the twirly bit around to the opposite side. With the feathery clouds in the background and the beautiful blue sky, it was an easy choice as my photo for today in the Project 365.