The Netherlands in North Carolina

High Point Welcomes Netherlands
Apologies for the poorly framed photo, but it was a quick shot in a moving car.

High Point (North Carolina) is home to the International Furniture Market twice a year. People from all over the world attend this largest furniture trade show in the world. As part of the city’s way of welcoming its international guests, there are signs like this for numerous countries lining some of the main streets in town. The Dutch Antilles also gets a flag.

The banner is a nice touch, but not particularly surprising. What did surprise me and, more specifically, make me laugh, was another sight noticed while driving on the highway.
The Dutch and their camping! Anyone who has spent a bit of time in the Netherlands knows of the country’s love of camping. So, to see a camper called Dutchmen, right here on the highways of the US amused me tremendously. Even better? The two bikes attached!