Dog Days of Summer

Biru and Friends
This week I thought I’d share some of the random photos I’ve taken around town. Some are funny, some are interesting window displays, and others are quiet, pretty corners easily missed.

First up is the charming statue of Biru the chow chow, a sculpture by artist Joop Hekman. I had seen the other two dogs coming and had hoped that they would stop and give Biru a friendly sniff, but they were too distracted to pay attention to a dog of bronze rather than flesh and fur. I didn’t get the shot I wanted, but I was happy to get the shot I did.

Biru the Chow Chow

The internet is a wonderful thing. A quick Google search and voila! I had the name and artist for this sculpture that stands down at the lower tip of the Utrecht binnenstad (city center), just down the street from the Centraal Museum at the Servaasbrug. The statue is named Biru, after the dog owned by the artist, Joop Hekman. This one is a copy of the original, which is part of a larger grouping in Enschede. The artist himself originally hails from Utrecht and he, perhaps not surprisingly, had contact with Gerrit Rietveld. It was through Rietveld that he was eventually commissioned to create the statue/fountain that stands in front of the Stadsschouwburg (city theater) here in Utrecht! Somehow I’d never found out the name or artist of the fountain, despite seeing it regularly. He has a few other outdoor sculptures here in town, which I’m now curious to go see.