Happy Halloween

Kasteel de Haar
Halloween’s not really a thing here, unfortunately. I always loved it in the US and had a nice selection of decorations. Sadly, they were left behind and only our two black cats made the big move. They’re the best decorations year round, anyway.

Still, I can’t resist a quick post to wish everyone a fun Hallow’s Eve. I was going to post a few gargoyles, but then I remembered the Kasteel de Haar here in the Utrecht province. It’s a real castle! No vampires or ghosts, but there is a spooky doll in a window.
Clouds Taste Metallic
Kasteel de Haar
The Castle

Foto Vrijdag 1.2

I’ve been a bit slack on sorting through all my Kasteel De Haar photos, but I figured I’d post a couple here in honor of tomorrow being Halloween. The fantastic clouds and light we experienced Sunday, along with the castle setting, made some of the photos look like they were scenes from old horror films.

One of the strangest and oddly creepy sights we saw that day, though, was this little Pinocchio-type doll sitting in a cobwebby window. The golf ball, however, saves it from being nightmare-inducing.

Time Trials

We had the fall time change last night, so now my body thinks it’s a quarter after six, but the clock says a quarter after five. Add in the long walk through the gardens and grounds of Kasteel De Haar (a real, honest to goodness castle!), and the result is that I’m both tired and hungry (and glad that G is making dinner tonight).

More to come tomorrow (hopefully) about the castle and a ton of photos to come, as well, but for now, enjoy my first panorama shot. The trees were all so lovely with their different colors, I had to try to get some decent shots to stitch together. I found a program to do it for me that is ridiculously easy and now I wish I’d taken more shots to use in panoramas! (I’d recommend clicking through to Flickr and checking out the large view to get the proper effect.)