Cats and Canals

Hanging Out
Cats and canals, or more specifically, cats and the water in the canals, don’t usually mix well. But in a country where both cats and canals exist in large numbers, there’s bound to be the inevitable crossing of paths. Sadly, not all cats survive their canal encounters.

Fortunately, there are groups like Kat Uit de Gracht (Cat out of the canal) that work to protect cats from a watery end. Through the installation of special ropes along canal edges and tray islands in the canals, along with education, environmental changes, etc., they try to discourage cats from areas where they’ll be at risk, or give them a place to take refuge if they do find themselves in the water.

Here in Utrecht, in the Koekoeksvaart (the appropriately named cuckoo canal), tray islands have been installed in the canal to give cats a place of purchase until they can be rescued. Hang in there, kitties!

Idle Interrupted