Holiday Lights and Trees

Christmas Tree Lot
During the year, Janskerkhof is home to the weekly bloemenmarkt (flower market) held every Saturday here in Utrecht. However, during the Christmas season (but after Sinterklaas), you can find kerstbomen (Christmas trees) for sale every day, even into the evening.

It’s picturesque enough during the day, but I knew it was even more charming at night with the lights strung up overhead. Looking for a mental distraction, I headed over this evening to grab a few shots. It’s been foggy today and I would have liked to have gone a bit earlier when there was a bit more natural light, mixed with the fog, for a more ethereal atmosphere. Maybe tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, the kerstmarkt (Christmas market) will be taking place at Janskerkhof from 11-18:00, so you can get a tree and some goodies.
Bacchus en de Bomen