A Quick Catch Up

So yes, I did end up having one my photos from the M31 demonstration used to illustrate an article in duic.nl yesterday. It’s all quite thrilling, somehow, even though it’s not the first time I’ve had a photo credit. Still, I’m more used to bylines than photo credits, so I guess that’s why it’s so nice. Plus, for the topic, it makes me feel like I’m involved in life here in Utrecht, even though I wasn’t actually at the full demonstration. But hey, I did get my coverage of the Occupy Wall Street event here in Utrecht covered/verified by CNN, so I guess my “photojournalist” tag isn’t completely facetious.

After photographing the peaceful protest, I went out later in the evening and photographed the lights at Neude that were part of the Tweetakt Festival. Inadvertently, I took part in the Earth Hour, since we were gone from the house and had the lights off. On the other hand, I was photographing a fantastical light display, so I’m not sure if it really counts. Balanced out? Anyway, here’s one of the photos I took. I’m sure I’ll be posting more of my favourites when I get a chance.
Tweetakt Festival

M31 Utrecht Demonstration

End of M31 Rally in Utrecht
Ok, you got your cuddly cat posting from me early. Now a more political/news posting. Today, across Europe, it’s M31: The European Day of Action Against Capitalism. Cities across Europe have seen protests, marches, and rallies decrying the current state of affairs. From their website:

Current policies in the EU and in Europe as a whole are as speculative as capitalism has ever been. That’s because austerity measures are jeopardising economic stability just as much as debt-inflated growth. There can never be salvation in capitalism, only endlessly recurring crises.

We don’t want to save capitalism, we want to overcome it. We oppose nationalism. It is crucial to fight against the continued erosion of social standards, but we need to aim higher. We want to get rid of the fatal constraints of capitalism and its political institutions. That’s the only way the widespread demand for “real democracy” can be fulfilled.

I understand some of their complaints. I’m not clear enough yet on how they want to effect changes. Regardless, I do think it’s worth some thought and while they raise awareness, I hope they can come up with effective alternatives. I’ll say no more, because it’s too large an issue for a simple blog like this and I don’t have all the facts.

Instead, I’ll share with you a few photos of the people’s meeting that is taking place in front of the Stadsschouwburg right now. This was the end event after a march and protest that began at the Overvecht station in Utrecht and worked its way to this end of town. For more information on the Utrecht event, you can read here (in Dutch). For more information (in English) about what they are trying to do, visit the M31 website and maybe check your local news tonight.

Shared Warmth


Peaceful Gathering