Windmill Surprise

Molen De Ster
I’ve written before about windmills here in Utrecht, but never about the Molen De Ster (the Star Windmill). Before we moved here, I started following the Utrecht Flickr group and saw the Molen De Ster for the first time in some of the photos. It looked so picturesque and so very Dutch! I looked forward to seeing it in person.

Once I moved here, I didn’t forget the windmill, but I didn’t know where it was located. I never came across it in my wanderings of the city and was starting to think it was further outside the city center. (To be honest, I also didn’t bother to research its location, since I had other locations to explore.) It became one of those things that I thought about in passing, but since we have a windmill right here in easy walking distance, it somehow didn’t seem quite so urgent.

Then, on Saturday, as we were heading out to see the fierljeppen competition, I had one of those lucky moments of serendipity! There, on the very same road we were walking down to get to the competition, was De Molen De Ster! It was even more attractive and idyllic than I had realized. It was also much closer to town than I had ever realized, but it’s also on a side of town I’ve yet to really explore. I’m such an East person. The whole street is really quite interesting and attractive, so I’m determined to go over there again soon. Seeing this reminded me of how much more I’ve got to explore here in my own city!

Picture Perfect

It’s such a beautiful day here in Utrecht. See? Look at those fluffy white clouds and that beautiful blue sky. Doesn’t that make you want to come into the city center this evening and listen to some lovely music by Ryan Prebble? U Rock! Café is located just off the main street running through the city center, so it’s easy to get to from the train station or by bus or by bike or by foot. It’s right there by the Neude. And it’s only €5.