RIP Sheriff

I woke to horrible news yesterday. A neighborhood icon, Sheriff the cat, had died. Even more tragic, his death came as the result of some vile person kicking him. The animal ambulance came, but there was too much internal bleeding to save him. The psychopath who kicked him has been arrested.

It’s hard to imagine the neighborhood without Sheriff. Although he called Café Tilt home, he could be found wandering throughout the immediate neighborhood and among the many bars and terraces. A friendly cat, he seemed to take his name seriously, often walking with us as we returned home, as if making sure we made it safely. Once we were in our house, he would then continue his patrols, vigilant, but often with a friendly meow.
Wittevrouwen Muur Kunst
He is one of the stars of a wall mural just off Wittevrouwenstraat behind Café Tilt, along with other icons of Utrecht. The mural is a nice reminder, but it will never make up for losing the real Sheriff. The loss has been felt by many, with outpourings of horror and grief throughout social media. He was such a frequent sight that losing him really does feel like losing one of my own beloved cats. It’s hard to believe we’ll never see his battered ears and beautiful black and white whiskers again.

Rest in peace, our dear friend.
My Hero!
SherrifSuperstar [Day 43/365]

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Street in the Sun

An Overcast Street
Sadly, this particular street wasn’t in the sun the day I took this photo, nor is there any sun to be seen today. Yet that is precisely why I chose this photo for today. It’s the literary hope for things to come. On such a wet, miserable day as it is today, the dream of spring sunshine seems like exactly that: a dream.

This bit of wall art/poetry translates roughly to:
A street in the sun, and from an open window, your favorite music

There was no music at all that day, but the open window was still a nice touch. It’s certainly a lovely thought that brings to mind warm, happy, summer days. There are other buildings in that general block near the Wittevrouwensingel that have further bits of writing.
Hidden Words
This one says:
It was the morning
it was light
The sun rose
and we looked out
over the back gardens
of the city
it was summer

Unfortunately, I can’t make out the last line, but it’s still lovely. Dream on!

Fly My Pretties

Wall of Birds
This bit of wall art is over by the Griftpark, somewhere along the Weerdsingel Oz. It’s a lovely area to walk along, with lots of unexpected sights and some pretty views of the canal that essentially served as a moat for the old city. I like how the birds are painted not with feathers, but with urban and landscape designs.

Vogel Kunst

Big Mouth Strikes Again

Orange Scream
This bit of orange wall art is on Wittevrouwenkade. I think it’s a part of a youth shelter/outreach program there. I did know once upon a time, but to be honest I’ve forgotten the exact details and my GoogleFu doesn’t seem to be too strong today, as I’m not turning up any further information. Regardless, it’s a fun pop of color in a somewhat secluded spot, especially when all the trees are in full leaf, hiding this little corner.

Musical Birds

Musical Birds
After yesterday’s wall art posting — and after a night of sleeplessness that hasn’t been conducive to much of anything — I’ve decided to do a bit of a theme this week of various bits of wall art around town. This mural of birds on a music staff is on Adelaarstraat, down the street from one of the molen (windmills) in town. I like the clean simplicity of the design, along with the whimsy of it all.