Art Meets Construction in Utrecht

One of the many nice things about living in Utrecht is that when plywood walls go up during restoration or renovation of a property, they often become points of visual interest in their own right. Certainly, when some of the university buildings along the Drift were undergoing renovation last year, the decorations that went up made an eye-catching and fun graphic story.

This time, walls are going up in the area behind the new Vredenburg music palace, where the old Hoog Catharijne shopping center is going under massive renovations and reconstructions.
Construction and Art
Edging the western side of the large square where the outdoor markets are held Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, this bit of urban art gets the kind of viewership numbers artists (and bloggers) dream about. After all, location, location, location!

Looking at each of the images and panels, there are some great characters and visuals to catch your imagination. One of the most famous is the red-hatted gnome on the far right. That’s Utrecht’s own KBTR (kabouter/gnome) who pops up in various spots around town for the past six or seven years. The rest of his out-of-this-world companions can be seen from right to left and represent a few other Utrecht symbols and institutions, such as the Nederland Film Festival and, of course, Nijntje. Any others you recognize?
KBTR VredenburgVredenbearsVredenburg KunstVredenijntjeVredenburg action shotvredenburg liftoff

Back in Utrecht

Gouden Kalf
I’m back!

After a gruelling trip back, which included a missed flight in London and what seems to be an elbow injury and too many bruises to count, I finally made it back to Utrecht yesterday. I saw the Domtoren on the taxi ride home and managed to get a quick shot of the Gouden Kalf (Golden Calf) before they take it down. It’s part of the decorations for the annual Nederland Film Festival, which I missed this year. I always get a photo of the kalf, though, so I was glad to not completely miss a year.

More NC photos and stories to come, interspersed with regular Utrecht content, but for now I’m cuddling the cats and the boyfriend and enjoying being able to walk everywhere.

Glam Utrecht

I came across this video today and wanted to share it. It’s a lovely short promotional film highlighting the beauty, charm, and culture of the city. It all looks so glam! I also thought it might be nice for people to see the city in motion, in a sense, if you haven’t been here before and only know my photos. Some of it might even be familiar now!

Wild and Woolly Weather

Clouds Taste Metallic
Sure, it rains a lot here sometimes. I certainly got to experience my fair share of it Thursday night while trying to enjoy drinks with a friend. It’s not all bad, though. After all, that rain often leads to some fantastic effects in the sky that rival anything the best special effects artists can create. Today has been one of those days where the sky has been stunning. Massive dark clouds battling with brilliant blue skies and sunshine. Truly breath-taking!
Special F/X
Clouds Part
All of that intense light means we also get some truly Technicolor moments, as well.
Oudegracht Technicolor

And yes, at one point it was raining while the sun was shining. Reminds me of Florida!