Gelukkig 2012

Bacchus, the God of Wine
We went for a walk today, as I like to do on the first of January when it’s quiet and there’s just the leftover remnants of the night’s celebrations. Usually, there’s the remains of the fireworks, although I think the city cleanup crew got there before I did, since the worst of it seemed to be gone already. Still, as we walked past Janskerkhof, I saw the perfect symbol. The fountain of Bacchus, empty, with an empty wine bottle sitting in his lap. I couldn’t resist this shot, of course!

Our New Year’s Eve was a bit of a bust in some senses. Our lasagne dinner was delicious as always, but we couldn’t fully get into the spirit of the evening because Pippo was a quivering, shaking mess for about nine hours. When you see your dog in such misery, it’s hard to feel like celebrating. We gave him some light anti-anxiety medicine, but next year he’s going to need a stronger dose. In fact, he was so tired today that he seemed quite content to stay home while G and I went for the walk around town. Since yesterday wasn’t such a great evening, we’re doing a New Year’s Eve 2.0 tonight. Instead of lasagne, we’re doing the traditional Southern (US) New Year’s Day meal of pork, greens (kale, in this case) and hoppin’ John (rice and black-eyed peas). But with some more sparkling wine to celebrate, and hopefully room for the oliebollen we never got around to eating last night! And I’m sure we’ll have an earlier bedtime! But at least we’ll all be happy and calm and can have a nicer start to 2012.

Gelukkig nieuwjaar! Happy New Year!

In the Lap of the God