Politics at a Glance

  • VVD                                      22%
  • D66                                      14%
  • SP                                           12%
  • PvdA                                     11%
  • Trots op Nederland        10%
  • Partij van de Eenvoud     9%
  • GroenLinks                          8%
  • Leefbaar Utrecht               5%
  • PVU                                         5%
  • CDA                                         4%
  • Christen Unie                      1%
  • De Groenen                         0%

One of the local free papers we get is the Stadsblad, which is currently running a poll to gage the direction people are planning on voting this Wednesday in the municipal elections. It’s curious to note that the CDA and Christen Unie — the main parties that were in power until the government recently dissolved — are ranked at the bottom, with only De Groenen getting fewer votes. Curiouser is the fact that De Groenen have the rebuilding of the nave of the cathedral as part of their agenda. That would be the nave that collapsed in a storm in 1674.

It should be noted, of course, that this poll is for the municipal elections on Wednesday, 3 March, not for the national elections in June. Still, like midterm elections in the US, I’m sure these municipal elections will be closely watched to perhaps get an idea of the direction people are leaning. For those of you familiar with Geert Wilders and his PVV party, it should be noted that the PVV is only on a couple of ballots in the municipal elections and not on the ballot here in Utrecht. Thank goodness. Unfortunately, the PVV seems to be doing quite well in Almere.

Utrecht Promotion

Utrecht has been getting a bit of attention recently. Expatica, one of the major expat resource websites (although I hate the forum, which seems to be nothing but complaining), has done a piece on Where to Live in Utrecht, discussing some of the different areas in the province.

Even more exciting was the New York Times doing a piece about Utrecht and its quirks. There are photos, too, of artsy Utrecht, although they really didn’t even leave the Oudegracht.

Zondag! Zondag! Zondag!

Zondag! Zondag! Zondag!

I was flipping through one of the free papers we get (the Stadsblad, if you’re interested) when I saw this ad. Oh yes, monster trucks have made their way to Europe! Of all the things to import, I think this is one of the strangest ones. Of course, I did see a great big Hummer the first day we moved here, as we were driving in from Amsterdam, so I guess I shouldn’t be completely surprised.

Rednecks are universal.