Bikes and Buildings

Bikes and Buildings
This is a typical sight here in Utrecht. A view over a bridge (covered in bikes), looking along a canal (Nieuwegracht), with a variety of building styles. The Nieuwegracht is one of the canals fairly unique to Utrecht, in that it has a wharf area along the sides that sits below street level. You can catch a glimpse of it here:

Snow Revisited

When I posted the photos of Atlas yesterday, I realized I never posted the other photos of the Nieuwegracht that I took that day in December. The Nieuwegracht is beautiful, stately and charming at any time of year, but with the coating of snow, it was something special.
X Marks the Spots
I saw this man walk out to the canal with a bucket and dip it in to get water, but my camera wasn’t fast enough to get the action shot, just the before and after.
The Bucket
Just Missed
It’s a long, quiet street, filled mainly with private residences and businesses, rather than a lot of shops. It’s yin to the Oudegracht’s yang, I suppose. The Oudegracht is the more obvious tourist spot, but the Nieuwegracht is definitely worth a wander if you visit. After all, both of them have the famous below-street-level wharves that are somewhat unusual.
Along the Nieuwegracht

White Stuff

Weight of the World
It snowed yesterday. Not a lot, but it did snow. That’s after that glorious sunshine earlier in the week. I’m not really surprised, though. My birthday is coming up soon enough and I’ve had plenty of occasions over the years to realize that my birthday seems to coincide with truly lousy weather, including snow storms.

This picture wasn’t actually taken yesterday. It was from the real snow storm we had right before Christmas. We had walked along the Nieuwegracht a bit to enjoy the scenery and I finally noticed this rooftop display, which I’d seen in someone else’s photo on Flickr. There’s some lovely detail in the building and the rooftop with the molding and the window tracery. Still, the poor guy looks a bit chilly!
Atlas Shrugged

The Nieuwegracht and The Domtoren

Nieuwegracht en de Domtoren
I’m still working on resum├ęs and getting approved at various writing/freelance sites, so here’s a photo I took the other weekend at the end of the Nieuwegracht (the new canal … that dates to the 1300s) looking toward the Domtoren (the cathedral tower). It’s a lovely street to wander along, admiring all the old buildings.