Utrecht As Art

The art scene in Utrecht is thriving and active, with numerous groups and individual artists doing their thing, be it traditional canvas painting or guerrilla knitting.

The CBKU, a non-profit art organization located on the Plompetorenacht, is active in promoting art of all types by up-and-coming artists in Utrecht. They’ve got Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and they’ve got an online magazine, called Lucy. I came across Lucy today while following a link to an article about a recent gathering of artists who went out and made the city a little bit more artistic one recent Saturday night.

While looking through the e-zine, I came across what will be a recurring series: Zicht op Utrecht (View of Utrecht) by Nina Mathijsen. Every two weeks, the magazine will be posting aquarelle images of Utrecht, particularly its urban transitory construction architecture, as seen by illustrator and typographer Nina Mathijsen. The first of the series is posted above. I’m looking forward to following her interpretation of the city as it changes. What is shown in this first image is the area around Vredenburg, where the music hall is being rebuilt, and where one of the ring canals is returning. That whole part of town is a mass of construction, with the train station and the Hoog Catharijne shopping center soon to be joining in on the revamping. Tower cranes abound, giving tall competition to the Domtoren.