Bigger Than I Thought

The inaugural concert at Lincoln Memorial is being aired live on tv here. Not on CNN International, either, it’s on one of the “networks”. I’m honestly slightly surprised that it’s being aired, but it’s kind of cool that it is.

That said, why waste Herbie Hancock by pairing him with Sheryl Crow and Will.I.Am? Tsk.

I will, of course, be watching the actual inauguration on Tuesday.

Election Coverage

Strange Finds in the Netherlands

Today, while at the theater, we made a surprising discovery. On the landing outside of the room we were in was a postcard stand with a variety of free postcards. These were some of the ones on offer. Imagine my surprise. A pleasant one, to be sure. I’d meant to get one of these Obama posters or tees before moving, but never got around to it. I love the design. The Bush card took us a moment to decipher — the Arabic style of text is more distracting when first seeing the card — but then we got a laugh.

There are at least two places here in Utrecht where we can go to watch the election coverage if we so choose. Tivoli (one of the big music clubs in town) is doing a huge, all-night event, as is Mick O’Connell’s, the Irish pub nearby. We may go to Mick’s for a little while that night, or we may just stay home and watch the coverage — for a while, at least — and then go to CafĂ© de Potdeksel the next night either to celebrate or to drown our sorrows.