Time Travel: St. Aloysiuskerk

St. Aloysiuskerk 1958
(photo courtesy of gertvr)
One more Time Travel post, since I saw this one in the collection yesterday and remembered that I already have a picture of this church. It’s St. Aloysiuskerk (kerk=church), located just to the southeast of Wilhelmina Park and down the street from a Rietveld building. I don’t have any photos of it taken from the same direction, but the ones I have were taken from the left side of the one in the old postcard.
St. Aloyisiuskerk
The Catholic church was built in 1924 by architect H.W. Valk. It is a six-sided church with a central plan and features a 24-meter-high dome. It is still in use today and they will be having special services this weekend in honor of the Pinkster holidays.

Aloysius Dome
Little Red Door

Time Travel Thursday

Oudegracht - Winkel van Sinkel
(photo courtesy of gertvr)
I recently came across a large set of old photo postcards of Utrecht on Flickr and I’ve enjoyed going through them and seeing which ones I know well and which ones I don’t recognize anymore because of the changes. The person who posted them on Flickr has mapped them all out on Google Maps and has started taking new photos of these old locations. I thought I’d go through some of my own photos and see what I have that matches up and maybe head out to take new version of some of the photos if I don’t have any already. These will be my Time Travel posts and I’ll try to post one at least every Thursday.

Today is the Oude Gracht (the old canal), which runs through the city and is one of the more touristic spots, yet still very much a part of regular life for locals, too. One of the more famous buildings along the Oudegracht is the Winkel van Sinkel, which is primarily a restaurant/café/nightclub now. The name seems to have changed since the original photo was taken (Vlaer & Kol), but otherwise, the buildings and the canal look very much the same.
In Front of the Stadhuis

My photo was taken a few years ago during one of the Cultural Sunday events when there was a boat-based set of concerts up and down the canal. Boats with musicians would work their way along the canal to different spots to stop and perform. Other than a few more trees now, there seems to be little difference!