Happy Pakjesavond


The pepernoten are flowing and flying, the pakjes (presents) are all wrapped up with poems at the ready, the Piets are knocking on doors and windows and dropping off sacks of presents or bagging up naughty children, and the Sint is ready to head back to Spain.

It’s pakjesavond, the night when Sinterklaas and the Piets hand out presents to all the boys and girls who have been good this year. I don’t think we’ve been very good, so no presents for us tonight. That said, I did make sure we stocked up on the chocolate kruidnoten today so I’ll have enough to last me for the next few months. They’re perfect with a cup of tea or coffee!
Making Waves

Naughty or Nice

So Embarrassed [Day 357/365]
I hope everyone has a nice pakjesavond tonight, although I suspect most people celebrated over the weekend. Still, today is the official celebration, so stock up on pepernoten, truffel kruidnoten and chocolate letters while they’re still available! I hope Sinterklaas is good to you. Pippo suspects he’ll end up in a sack and sent to Spain before the night is through. He figures he must have been bad to deserve this kind of embarrassment.