Foto Vrijdag: Autumn’s Arrival

It’s the typical mood-swing weather today. One moment, the sun is shining so brightly that you have to shade your eyes. The next moment, it’s pelting down rain. Our whole day has been spent trying to make the most of the brief moments of sunshine to run errands and get the dog out. Unfortunately, none of those errands took me where I needed to go for the photos I wanted to take, so the post I wanted to do yesterday will have to wait a bit longer.

I regretted not having my proper camera with me this afternoon when we took Pippo and the recycling out. There were dark clouds moving in, and we experienced both sun and a sprinkling of rain at the same time, but the view of the Domtoren was surprisingly clear and quite striking, especially framed by the trees as it was. It’s always one of my favorite views of the Domtoren, rising up over the rooftops. The following picture, taken last summer, is the same view, but without the clarity (and dark clouds) of today:

Instead, today’s Photo Friday offering is a quick shot taken Wednesday evening. The leaves are starting to turn a bit more now, and I liked the orange of the fallen leaves against the brick street, and the white buildings — with the ever-present bicycle, of course. Along with the changing, falling leaves, the weather is turning a bit nippier, as well. Herfst (autumn) definitely seems to be settling in after last week’s brief, but welcome, Indian summer.

Foto Vrijdag: A Room With a View

Watching the Arrivals
I’ve got the photos of the film festival premier uploaded to Flickr, but I think I’ll wait til tomorrow to post about it all. A night of interrupted sleep means I don’t have much energy to sort through it all, plus, I’m still missing a few names.

Instead, I’ll go ahead and post this photo that I took at the end of the evening as we were walking home. One of the student associations looks out onto the Stadsschouwburg, where the event was taking place. Some of the students seem to have found a fun way to watch the arrivals.

Foto Vrijdag: Golden Drift

Golden Drift
This was taken a couple of weeks ago after a storm, and I loved the golden light and how it brought out the warm tones of the buildings along the Drift Canal. The reflection of the salmon-pink building (Polman’s Huis Restaurant) in the canal is the perfect finishing touch. Plus, of course, the row of bicycles chained up to just about every free spot along the canal railing.

Foto Vrijdag: Pietas

Rainy Day Sunday

Taken last Sunday on our slightly damp walk home. There was a lovely rose-gold glow to the sky after the last rain shower, and I thought this corner looked particularly lovely. The building was built in 1904 for Pietas Life Insurance Company. The architect was Jacques A van Straaten Jr., who also worked on the restoration of Kasteel de Haar.

For a bit of Time Travel, here’s a photo of the building from 1906, just two years after it was built.

(photo via Het Utrechts Archief)

Foto Vrijdag: Converse All Stars

It's like a Converse Advert
The beginning of the school year ontgroening began this past week, with the first batch of students lining up along our street Saturday morning, and the next batch this past Thursday morning. I’ve gotten some fun shots over the years and got another series yesterday that I’m really happy with. Looking through the window, I could see the students from the legs down and there seemed to be a lot of them wearing good ol’ Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. With the effects I was getting shooting through (dirty) glass and the brick streets and walls, the whole image made me think of some sort of slightly artsy advert for the brand, a bit like the old Levi’s 501 commercials. I even got a shot with a dog. Classic!

And it wouldn’t be a Dutch photo without a bike:
Hanging Out

Foto Vrijdag: Still Life

Morning Light
Our dining room gets some amazing light coming in throughout the day, because of the big front window. Every time I look at the light coming in to that corner, I immediately think of Vermeer. The other morning, after days of rain, the sun was coming in early in the morning and I just loved the calm beauty of the scene. The rays of light on the wall, the soft white glow of the chair and wall, and the small splash of color with the decorative bowls all just seemed to come together perfectly.

Tomorrow, being Caturday, I’ll probably post some photos I took of Luna in that same area. Once again, the light was fantastic.

Oh! And completely unrelated, an online student news website contacted me this week to see if they could use some of my photos from this week’s fire in Zocherpark for an article. Does this mean I’m now a photojournalist? 😉

Foto Vrijdag: Big Gargoyle Is Watching You

This is one of the many gargoyles (waterspuweren) in the Pandhof, the cloistered garden area next to the cathedral. Along with all the gothic tracery, there are numerous fascinating, funny and frightening figures perched around the garden. I like the way this guy seemed to be watching me.

Zakkendrager Revisited … Again

Zakkendrager Art
I really do love this street. I posted various photos of it — and some of the wall art — earlier in the year. Any time I head to the Vredenburg market on Saturdays, I always cut through Zakkendragersteeg, because it’s just so charming and picturesque and gezellig. Last week, as we cut through to the market, I noticed this new bit of wall art. It’s a bit of decoration for Restaurant de Zakkendrager, with a bit of influence from Vermeer. Yet another reason for me to love this narrow street.

In fact, the Oudaen castle that I posted about in my last Time Travel entry is next to this street, so if you visit one, you can see the other! Further down Zakkendragersteeg, there are also some new posters up on the wall, showing old photos and drawings of the area, while explaining a bit of the history. Sadly, my camera’s batteries were dying at that point, not to mention it was starting to rain, so I don’t have any photos of those to share. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to go again soon and maybe check some of the other side streets off the Oudegracht to see if there are more of these posters.

We’re expecting more rain again this weekend, so I doubt I’ll do much exploring, but I am thinking of heading to the Utrechtse Archief (Utrecht Archives) to check out an exhibit of old photos showing how animals have been a part of the city over the years. Fijn weekend!