Utrecht Daily Photo

Having completed Project 365, I think my new photo project for this year will be a daily photo of Utrecht. The catch is that I mean I will post a photo of the city here on my blog every day, not that I will take a photo of the city every day. I know just from last year that that’s just not realistic. However, I do tend to take a lot of photos at a time when I specifically head out to photograph the city, so the extras should carry me over on the days I’m not inclined to head outdoors for whatever reason. Of course, I figure this is also a good excuse to head out to areas I haven’t visited as often.

Today’s photo was taken today, and carries over from yesterday’s Domtoren shot. The fog from yesterday disappeared — perhaps burnt off by all the fireworks last night — and we’ve had a day of sunshine and blue skies contrasted against sunshine and dark clouds. It’s one of those classic Dutch skies where there’s a bit of everything all at once. I’ve photographed them before and couldn’t resist some of the shots today. I went with this shot, since I figured it was good to start the year off — and a new project — with the Domtoren in some form. After all, this is a series of photos of Utrecht, and the Domtoren is Utrecht’s most recognizable symbol.

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! Happy New Year!

Foto Vrijdag 2.52 Project 365 Complete

Shroud [day 365/365]
It’s official. I successfully and honestly completed Project 365. One photo taken every day. There were days when it was a bit of a last-minute snap of random items, and I definitely seem to have done a better job the first half of the year, but I’m glad I completed the challenge. I certainly think it has made me pay more attention to things around me and certainly helped me get used to looking at things in new ways.

Today, despite the fog and light drizzle, I headed out to take my last photograph for the project. I wanted to get some sort of photo of the Domtoren. It’s one of my favorite spots in town, plus, my first photo of the year was taken there, so it seemed a nice way to end things. As I said, it is a very foggy day today, so when I first entered the square behind the Stadhuis (the location of this photo), I was shocked to realize that taking a photo of the Domtoren might not be so easy! It was hardly visible! Still, I ended up taking a number of photos of it, from all sorts of angles, and came up with some photos that I really am happy with, including this next one:

As for the second half of 2010, my photos definitely weren’t quite as good. I got a bit lazy with it, and I also used my camera phone a lot, so the quality wasn’t as good, either. On the other hand, I do feel like I ended up with photos that will serve as a reminder of random events, so what I lost in artistic style, I made up in memories. Still, no reason why you can’t have both! I guess that will be my general goal for future photos.

I don’t plan on specifically doing the Project 365 again at the moment, but I am hoping to post a photo-a-day of Utrecht here on my blog. Not every photo will be taken that day, but I hope to have new photos taken each week.

In the meantime, here are some of the photos from the last half of the year.
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Project 365 In Review

Along with my Foto Vrijdagen (Photo Fridays), I’ve been doing a Project 365 challenge this year, in which I take at least a photo a day. I’m proud to say that as of tomorrow, I will have completed the project. While going through the photos, I thought I’d pull out my favorites this year and post them here. Some you may have seen before, others you may not have seen, for lack of relevance to Utrecht. I’ll post the first half today and the second half tomorrow, along with my final photo of the project/year/foto vrijdag. For what it’s worth, this is as close as I come to a year-in-review posting.

Personal Jesus [Day 18/365]

Just Married II [Day 22/365]

Snow Bike [Day 41/365]

Alessi [Day 50/365]

Twisty People [Day 52/365]

Casting Shadows [Day 61/365]

Window Seat [Day 63/365]

Café Cat [Day 71/365]

Continuation of a Theme [Day 84/365]

Nuts for Nuts [Day 94/365]

Watcher [Day 100/365]

Bonte [Day 105/365]

Power Sources [Day 136/365]

Geometric [Day 140/365]

No Little Plans [Day 146/365]

A Moment in Utrecht

A Moment in Utrecht [Day 122/365]
Sunday I participated in the New York Times Moment in Time project, in which people around the world took a photo at 15:00 UTC, which worked out to be 5 p.m. for me.

Unfortunately, Sunday was a rainy day here in Utrecht, so despite the fact that it was koopzondag (shopping Sunday), there were few people about. I had gone out earlier to try to scout a good location, but wasn’t having much luck, other than in getting myself soaked in the rain. I really wanted to include some sort of clock in the image, to emphasize the particular moment in time element, but also wanted something at least somewhat attractive. I would have loved to include the domtoren somehow, but it was just too wet to go traipsing about any further. I originally tried a photo at one of the bus stops, but it just didn’t turn out very pretty, so I quickly rushed over to Lucasbolwerk to get this shot. I do like the building and I often hear the chiming of the bells at the hour and half hour, so it was relevant to me. You could say that I got lucky in getting the cyclists, since one of my other goals was to get people moving about in the image. Really, though, this is the Netherlands; how hard is it to get a shot with some cyclists. 😉

In the end, I was fairly happy with the image. It could have been much better and a bit sharper, but I figure it’s not bad considering I was also juggling an umbrella to try to keep the camera from getting wet! There’s a piece here in the New York Times Lens blog about the project and they should have more links up eventually with more photos from the project.