A Sunday Stroll

Spring Colors
We had a lot of recycling to drop off this morning, so G and I headed out on our own (not enough hands for the recycling and controlling Pippo) and then took a little walk around the southeastern edge of the old city center. Today’s weather has been a pleasant respite from the rain we’ve had this week and will probably have next week, so we figured we’d better make the most of it! As you can see, the sky was a beautiful blue, little fluffy white clouds were floating along, and the sun was shining brightly.

One of the side streets we passed while walking along the Maliesingel caught my eye. The rows of buildings looking colorful and neatly lined up were punctuated by the picturesque building at the end of the street where it runs into Nachtegaalstraat. Then there was the hotel sign that just seemed to fit perfectly into the setting.

As we headed back home across the Wittevrouwenbrug, I stopped to take some photos to hopefully use for some of the Time Travel posts. As I was taking a photo, I heard someone behind me say, “Don’t shoot!” It turned out to be a couple of our nearby neighbours who I know through Flickr. What a pleasant surprise! I look forward to seeing his photos of his own outing today!

I hope you enjoy these photos from our walk and are having a lovely weekend. Tomorrow’s the Tweede Pinksterdag here in the Netherlands, so most people are getting a nice long weekend. If you’re off, enjoy the freedom. If you’re working, hopefully it’s not too bad a Monday!
All in a Row
Points of Interest
Light in the Light
Fluffy Little Clouds

Time Travel: St. Aloysiuskerk

St. Aloysiuskerk 1958
(photo courtesy of gertvr)
One more Time Travel post, since I saw this one in the collection yesterday and remembered that I already have a picture of this church. It’s St. Aloysiuskerk (kerk=church), located just to the southeast of Wilhelmina Park and down the street from a Rietveld building. I don’t have any photos of it taken from the same direction, but the ones I have were taken from the left side of the one in the old postcard.
St. Aloyisiuskerk
The Catholic church was built in 1924 by architect H.W. Valk. It is a six-sided church with a central plan and features a 24-meter-high dome. It is still in use today and they will be having special services this weekend in honor of the Pinkster holidays.

Aloysius Dome
Little Red Door