A Street in the Sun

A Street in the SunI walk along Voetiusstraat fairly often, as it’s the street that leads on from the side of the cathedral. No matter which angle you approach it from, it’s always a lovely street (with great rooftops). A few weeks ago, as I was walking home and the sun was shining, this particular view of the street caught my eye. The lovely building at the cross street with the mullioned windows, the corner turret on the building across from it, and the typical Dutch stepped rooftop, all made an interesting visual line. This is complemented by the row of Pyke Koch lamps laden with spring flowers that stretch off into the distance. If only the cars weren’t there.


We’re two days into the new wine bar and so far so good. Things were a bit slow yesterday during the Netherlands-Australia football match, but we did have a lovely couple come in — one was a reader of my blog and the other gave me a great tip for future research!

The evening picked up after the match and we had a good evening. We hope things continue to build and appreciate all of you who have stopped in so far. A Street in the Sun

The Lamp With A Name

I found out today that these lamps that are found throughout the city have a specific name. They’re Pyke Koche lamp posts, named for the Dutch artist Frans Pieter Christiaan (Pyke) Koch (1901-1991). He seems to have worked primarily as a painter, in the magic realism style, but at some point he designed these lamps. He lived and worked in Utrecht for many years, with an apartment/studio located on the Oudegracht.

A restoration process has begun this month to make the workings of the lamps more efficient and easier to maintain and repair. The work will continue through September. The word I see popping up frequently these days, for this and other initiatives, is duurzaam, in the sense of sustainability. There seems to be a big push for greater sustainability in a variety of city-related issues. Or maybe it’s just that I notice it much more now that I know the word. But perhaps I know the word, because I’ve seen it come up so often. It’s all very chicken eggy. Anyway, as well as making the lamps more efficient, they will also be cleaning and repainting as needed. I hope that means that they will all be sporting the red and white colours of the city shield that is located at the bottom of the lamps. It’s a nice touch, as seen on one of the lamps at Janskerkhof.


I ♥ Utrecht