Big Yellow Birdies and Buildings

Friday I gave you a bit of a challenge to recognize where in Utrecht the big birdy could be found. Since I took the photo, I kind of knew, but to be honest, I was cheating a bit and hoping someone else could give me some more information about the specific location, because it’s more than just birdies. It’s part of a whole building complex.
Willem Arntsz Huis
I knew I’d seen photos of it before in one of the Flickr Utrecht groups, so eventually I did track down some more information by finding some photos other people have taken of the big yellow building. It turns out to be the Willem Arntsz Huis, a mental health institution. The modern yellow building is just part of a larger and long-standing complex, but it’s certainly an eye-catching and interesting one. It might not blend, especially in the museum quarter, but it’s still attractive. The more recent addition of the budgerigars adds a certain whimsy to the intense geometry of the building.
Geel Huis
For the record, it’s on Vrouwjuttenhof, just off Vrouwjuttenstraat, which in turn is off Lange Nieuwstraat.

Foto Vrijday 2.16

In honor of the fact that I won today’s round of Waar in Utrecht, I figured I’d play my own version with one of my photos. Anyone who lives in Utrecht or knows the city might know where this bird is located. It’s here in the city center. Do you know? Put your guess in the comments. I’d offer a prize, but I can’t really think of anything at the moment!

Remember Hay-Zoos? The hairdressers shop where he’s located was the mystery location in today’s Waar in Utrecht game. I won the WiU title and an ice cream. Yay!

Quiz Night

Mijn Vasje
Since moving here, we’ve participated in a few quiz nights that have been held at the Potdeksel. They’ve always been special occasion evenings rather than a regular event. However, that is changing with the introduction of the Murphy’s Quiz Night, held the first Tuesday of every month. This week was the inaugural quiz night and even though we were a bit tired, we still went and managed to hold our own.

The first time I participated in a quiz night at the Potdeksel, I was on the winning team. Of course, I was also paired up that evening with Kris, the son of the owner of the bar. That helped tremendously, although I held my own on the musical rounds. The second time, G and I were paired up and we came in third out of eight teams. Not too shabby for a couple of expats, considering all of the other teams were Dutch and the quiz was in Dutch. This week, G and I were paired up again and we tied with another team for fourth place out of six teams. If only we could have remembered James Taylor’s name, we would have had fourth place all to ourselves. Still, once again we managed to beat at least one Dutch team. We were also the smallest team, having only the two of us, while all of the other teams had three members or more.

The quizzes are in Dutch, but it helps that we know the quiz master, who is kind enough to translate for us when we’re completely clueless — which is often. The questions themselves were a mix of subjects, such as politics, sports, television and geography. There was also one music round. I think the question I got correct that surprised me the most was the colors of the Angola flag. I have no idea how I knew it — and I can’t tell you specifically what the flag looks like — but I was positive that the colors were red, black and yellow. Funny the things you know without realizing!