Ukelution T-shirt and Other Things You Want to Buy

Ukelution: The Ukelele Revotion T-shirt
A handful of years ago, I started making these Ukelution (Ukulele Revolution) T-shirts using my own homemade screen-printing process. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the most stable of screen-printing processes and the screen didn’t make the move in one piece. Despite a few requests from people for another t-shirt, I never got around to making a new screen. But now there’s Red Bubble, which allows me to offer the T-shirts once again, but this time with a better screen-printing process. In other words, a professional screen-printing process.

So, if you or someone you love is a fan of the little four-string-with-heart and wants to join the Ukelution, head over to Red Bubble and buy one of the t-shirts there. You can choose a variety of sizes and shirt colours, although the design itself only comes in black at the moment. Hopefully I’ll get a white version uploaded this weekend to provide another alternative. The print is also a bit bigger than the one I originally made, which balances out better. If you would prefer a Ukelution sticker for your ukulele case, those are also available.

I do still make things by hand, however. Some of you may have noticed a new tab up at the top of the page, next to the About and Utrecht Calendar of Events. My Handmade for Sale page is a mix of items I’ve made and decided to offer up for sale. It’s worth checking back occasionally, since I will be adding items to the page, including some kitchen towels and fun bird napkins/wall hangings.

Please keep my page in mind when you’re looking for something fun or quirky, whether for yourself or a loved one. Just drop me an e-mail or leave me a comment if there’s something you’re interested in and we can arrange a deal. I do accept credit card payments through PayPal to make payments even easier. Thanks for looking!