A Little Something for the Ladies

(photo via Het Utrechts Archief)

There’s a great website called Zo Was Utrecht that takes a look back at Utrecht’s history. I also follow the site’s Twitter account, which frequently posts old photos of the city. Today, this photo of Dutch actor Rutger Hauer was posted. It shows him filming the movie Keetje Tippel in 1974, with actress Monique van de Ven. The spot where they are filming is by the Vismarkt on the Oudegracht, a spot I’ve spent a lot of time at over the years, sitting at the tables that are often set up by the nearby restaurants, such as the Restaurant Graaf Floris.

I’ve had a soft spot for Rutger Hauer since the days of Blade Runner and Ladyhawke (what?!), so it’s fun to see this photo. There’s a closer shot to be seen here. He was back in town the other week for the closing awards ceremony at the Nederland Film Festival, where he gave out the best actor award, if I remember correctly. Sadly, I missed him in person, but did watch the video of him arriving on the stage on a motorcycle. At least he’s going to be on the next season of True Blood! Can’t wait!

Anyway, today the Vismarkt looks essentially the same and is still used for a variety of things, including a salsa dance floor. If only I could get my own photo of Rutger Hauer on the Vismarkt!
Salsa at the Vismarkt

Nederlands Film Festival

It’s that time again! The Nederlands Film Festival begins it’s 10-day run tomorrow. As I type, they’re setting up the Golden Calf in front of the Stadsschouwburg over on Lucabolwerk. They’ve had some of the posters up for the past few days, but the Golden Calf wasn’t there and I was worried it had been a one-off thing last year. As I took Pippo out this morning, I was thrilled to see a flash of gold through the trees. Jahoe!

Sadly, no Rutger Hauer this year, at least not publicized; he received a special award last year. That was when I found out he was Dutch. I’d always thought he was German or Scandinavian. How embarrassing! Despite being a fan of his for years, I’d never been sure of his nationality. I blame it on the fact that we couldn’t just Google any celeb we were curious about back in the day, so the reality was I knew next to nothing about Hauer except for the fact that he made some very cool films.

This year, they’re focusing on Dutch filmmakers who have gained some popularity in the international market, but haven’t really been well-known domestically. The title of the theme is The Dutch Angle, a bit of a pun, since that is also a technical term for a particular type of angle or perspective in filming. The Wikipedia entry gives a good example, since it doesn’t make as much sense when just described, at least not to me.

Oh, and for the record, the Golden Calf is the award statuette that is given to the winners on the final night of the festival. Sort of like the Oscar.

Pippo checking out the recently installed film festival set-up at the Neude. He approves the color choices.