Six Degrees of Internet Separation

They Asked
Yesterday after the Netherlands’ match against Slovakia (we won 2-1), I was upstairs taking photos of some of the celebratory crowds out on the streets. As I was leaning out the window to get some shots, these two guys stopped and offered themselves for a quick photo shoot. (Honestly, all I heard was photo, so who knows what they said, but they posed anyway.)

Afterward, one of them did say something else, but I didn’t catch it and didn’t feel like doing the whole “I’m sorry, my Dutch is crap, do you speak English” thing, so I sort of shrugged and they moved on. Still, it would be nice to pass the photo on to them, so I figured I’d try to use the power of the internet and see if I can find someone who knows them or at least ask others to spread the word until someone does find one of them. I’ve tweeted the photo, I’ve added it to an Utrecht Flickr group, and now I’m blogging it. So, if you know someone in Utrecht, pass this along to them, retweet the post, do whatever. I’m curious if it’s possible to find at least one of these guys through a bit of internet word of mouth.