Flamingos Are Flocking to Utrecht

My regular readers know I’m always trying to encourage people to visit Utrecht, whether they live in the Netherlands or are just visiting. After all, it’s a gorgeous city with nearly 2000 years of history and a constant stream of cultural events. So it makes sense that Toerisme (Tourism) Utrecht and I should work together in some way to encourage people to visit. And that’s what we started doing today. Thanks to a conversation on Twitter, I had a meeting with them today at their offices on the Domplein and we started discussing ways to work together to make Utrecht a slightly less hidden gem.

After the meeting, having only gone a short distance, I had one of those great moments of synchronicity/serendipity. There, in an open window, was another flamingo in Utrecht! I’m not much for signs and portents, but it was hard not to feel like this was a good sign for how my blog and Utrecht will continue to work together!

window surprise

Royal Flamingo