A Newish Experience

Dutch Shell [Day 115/365]
My parents arrived by ferry early Sunday morning at Hoek van Holland and we went to pick them up, rather than make them battle with all of their luggage on the train. Fortunately, we have a station wagon, so plenty of room in the back for the luggage.

As it was early on a Sunday morning, traffic was almost non-existent. No one was around. Unfortunately, no one was around at some of the gas stations, either. We had to stop for gas, and thought that the gas stations along the highway might actually be open, but many that we saw were closed. Even G was surprised that the highway ones were closed, since they tend to stay open in Italy, even on a Sunday. Eventually we found a Shell station that was open. At that point, I realized that although I’ve been here for almost two years, this was my first stop at a gas station here. Living in the city center, I don’t even see them, and the few times I’ve been out in the car to go somewhere, we’ve had enough gas already. I don’t drive here yet — don’t honestly have that much desire to do so, either — so it’s been surprisingly easy to go this long and not stop at a gas station.

It was interesting seeing all the different gas options. Multiple diesels available, as well as the compressed gas stuff that I gather some cars use here. Certainly more options and types than I was used to in the US. I feel sorry for American tourists being faced with all of these options for the first time. I think I would have been hard pressed to figure out which one to use! I would hope that any car rental places would be very specific about what to use in the car.

They did have a lovely selection of flowers available, though. The ones in the photo are only a fraction of what they had.