How To Eat Oliebollen

Eating Oliebollen

I like to eat my oliebollen while standing on a foot stool for added height. It makes me feel more Dutch.

I posted that comment on Twitter yesterday and was surprised to see just how many people retweeted and favourited it. But while reheating some oliebollen in the microwave yesterday, I did, in fact, end up eating the whole thing while standing on the stool that we need in order to reach the microwave, which is on top of the cabinets.

For many Dutch people — they of amazing height — the microwave would not be out of reach. So I enjoyed my oliebollen while pondering the perspective many Dutch people have while eating their fried-dough treat. It’s nice up there! I might start carrying one of those IKEA stools around with me everywhere.

Today, while G reheated the last of the oliebollen, he decided to take advantage of the perspective, as well. He thinks I might be on to something. For fun, I took a photo, while trying for a bit of a Dutch angle. It’s not quite tilted enough, but it will do. I added in a bit of moody, atmospheric shadowing to drive home the “exoticness and disorientation” of the angle and how it relates to eating a tasty foreign treat from such a height. Just as in The Third Man, I wanted “to emphasize the main character’s alienation in a foreign environment.”

Ha! I bet you didn’t expect comparisons between German Expressionism and Dutch fried dough. See how eating oliebollen on a foot stool has changed my view of the world? Of course, this could all be nonsense resulting from the lack of oxygen at such great heights. Madness? Or the birth of a new philosophy?


Bridge Over the River Kwai
Look! It’s the bridge over the River Kwai! Oh, come on. Like you would have been able to resist taking this shot either. 😉 I like to think the restaurant specifically chose that spot just to be near one of the many bridges along the Oudegracht. And yes, there really are that many bikes here.

Am I Growing?

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that Dutch people are pretty darn tall. A friend of ours is 2 meters tall, which is pretty tall, but he’s hardly the only Dutch guy to measure in at that height. As a result, after a lifetime of feeling pretty tall in the US, I’ve suddenly started to feel kind of short here, despite the fact that I’m around 5’8 1/2″ (around 172 cm).

Today, however, I finally felt tall. We were in our local AH discussing roze garnalen (small pink shrimp) when a woman stopped me and asked me to get a bag of julienned carrots for her from the top shelf. Awesome! And I could reach!

Seriously, it’s the little things that amuse me. I should retitle this blog A Flamingo in Utrecht: Entertained by Inconsequential Things. Now excuse me while I go bask in my tallness. I think I’ll go hover over the cats.

Den Haag Is Where?!

We generally watch BBC News at 6 p.m., and CNN’s International Desk at 7 p.m. to get our nightly news fix. Last night, while watching CNN, the show presenter was talking about what they would be discussing after the break. The topic was Karadzic’ trial in Den Haag (The Hague). The presenter said something along the lines of, “Up next, news from Belgium about the trial of Karadzic.”



Who knew Den Haag was in Belgium?! It turns out I’ve been to Belgium and I didn’t even know it! That’s where we bought out sideboards! I must say, though, the border crossing is not well-marked at all. 😉 Giovanni and I had to laugh about it, because we’re always half joking that the Netherlands never gets mentioned on CNN, even for the weather. So now, when they have reason to mention the country, they still manage to avoid it by saying that the International Tribunal is in Belgium. Oy! I know it was a slip of the tongue, but even worse, he didn’t even correct himself after the break.