Small Round Foods

Birthday Smorgasbord
Usually for my birthday, I like to go out for sushi. This year, I didn’t really feel like going out, but I still wanted to have a variety of small foods from which to choose. So I pulled out the various recipes for appetizers and sides that I’d bookmarked on Foodgawker and put together a menu of small round foods. I’ve often wanted to do a meal with a few of these, but figured it was a bit odd. As birthday girl, though, I could get away with odd! I enjoy cooking, so this was also something fun for me to do. I spent all Monday afternoon and into early evening cooking each of these small food items. Garlic balls and eggplant balls, zucchini and olive pancakes, shrimp cakes, broccoli tikkis, chicken pieces wrapped in bacon and coated with honey mustard, Asian-flavored meatballs coated in rice, corn, goat cheese and leek fritters, and shrimp salad in phyllo cups. Sparkling wine to accompany it all, of course.

It was a fun way to celebrate a birthday I wasn’t particularly excited about. There was birthday cake, too, of course. A big round food! Last year I had thought about making a German chocolate cake — my favorite — but ended up going the chocolate and raspberry route instead. This year I was determined to make my favorite. It’s not quite the same appearance, but it tastes close enough to keep me happy! So despite the snow that started my day, rather than the bright sunshine I’d been hoping for, the day ended up quite cheerful and fun and delicious. The sun even came out later in the day!
Birthday [Day 66/365]