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File this under “bless their hearts“. Politicians are stupid all over the world!

Too cold to campaign, say Labour MPs

Monday 01 February 2010

Junior home affairs minister Ank Bijleveld has rejected a call from two Labour MPs for the forthcoming local elections to be postponed because it is too cold.

According to website, MPs Pierre Heijnen and Paul Kalma wrote to the minister, saying it is too cold to campaign.

The local elections traditionally take place in March and the MPs also asked the minister to commission research into the likely effect of a switch to a warmer month.

Labour’s youth wing described the MPs request as stupid. ‘As far as we are concerned, they can go and campaign among Dutch holiday makers in Benidorm,’ said youth wing chairman Mohammed Mohandis. ‘We’ve got the tickets ready and the return flight is March 4.’ The local elections take place on March 3.

The Socialist Party has offered Labour campaigners 500 hats to help them cope with the cold.

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