Spice Trade

I love to cook and I’m always adding herbs and spices to just about anything I cook. They may usually be dried and preground, which proper chefs would say is a no-no, but I figure this is less of a waste, not to mention easier to track down. When I moved here, I had to rebuild my spice shelf. That meant learning some new names for old favorites. Most are fairly easy to figure out, but I thought I’d share a list of some of my mainstays in case anyone else suddenly needs a translation.

Kruiden | Herbs/Spices

Kerrie | Curry
Kurkuma |  Turmeric
Kardemom Poeder  |   Cardamom Powder
Knoflook Poeder  |   Garlic Powder
Koriander  |   Coriander
Kaneel  |  Cinnamon
Komijnzaad  |   Cumin Seed
Kruidnagel   |  Clove
Uienpoeder   |  Onion Powder
Basilicum |  Basil
Peterselie  |   Parsley
Nootmuskaat  |   Nutmeg
Gember   |  Ginger
Salie  |   Sage
Tijm   |  Thyme
Rozemarijn  |   Rosemary
Paprika   |  Paprika
Laurierblad  |  Bay Leaves
Oregano   |  Oregano
Serehpoeder (Gemalen Citroengras)  | Lemongrass Powder
Zout    |   Salt
Zwarte Pepper  |  Black Peper