Gefeliciteerd, Utrecht!

Dutch circle party is optional, but gefeliciteerds are in order, because Utrecht is celebrating its 888th birthday today! On June 2, 1122, Emperor Henrik V officially recognized Utrecht as a city. (Don’t forget that Utrecht as an inhabited location has been around since at least 50 CE with the Roman fortifications, although there are possible inhabitants dating back to the Stone Age (2200 BCE.)

There are various events going on around town today and this week to celebrate the birthday, including special discounts and such for people whose name derives from Henrik (Henrietta, Harry, etc.). If you’re in town and curious, there’s information in Dutch here.

The sun is shining and the weather is gorgeous today; perfect weather for a birthday!

There’s lots of interesting history about Utrecht in its Wikipedia page. Check it out. For the record, the diagonal red and white shield seen above is the symbol of Utrecht. Here are a few more random photos of this lovely city.
Light and Lights
Oude Gracht
Flora and Fountain
Toren Arch
Period Piece