Free Wi-Fi in Utrecht

Domplein Festivities
A pilot program exploring the benefit and use of free WiFi in Utrecht has begun. For the rest of the year, free WiFi will be available at four of the city’s main squares: Domplein, Neude, Stadhuisplein, and Vredenburg.

It kicked off at Neude last Friday and I stopped by on Saturday and sure enough, it was working. The rest of the squares have gone online this week. So if you’re in town and want some free WiFi access, now you know where to go. No special passwords needed.

Edited 6/10/14: By the end of 2014, there will be free wifi throughout the city center and it will also be available at Griftpark and Willhelminapark.

Edited: July 2015: There is free wifi throughout the city center and at the spots mentioned above, as well as on Biltstraat and other individual locations outside the city center. In other words, there is extensive free wifi throughout Utrecht. Enjoy!

Looking Out


Take a Seat

Creative Seating
The other week, while walking through the Stadhuisplein (City Hall Square), I found myself doing a double take when I saw this chair seat bolted onto a tree stump. It seems like it could be quite comfy, although you have to hope any action is happening in that one direction. Still, it does leave quite a lot of ground to survey. I’m not sure when the tree was cut down. I know it was there in 2009, since you can see it here just behind the little caravan in this photo:
I’m pretty sure the tree was still there at least in September of last year, based on a few other photos. Regardless, someone has had an innovative approach to adding more seating to the square. I can’t help but think that only a very tall Dutch person would think to add a seat to a tree stump that tall — at least not without adding a few “steps”!

There are numerous reasons for why it’s there. It could be part of the night of creativity that took place recently, during which a variety of creative alterations were done to sites around town, including the renegade knitting. Or, it could be an early setup for the Festival a/d Werf taking place now. Or it could have been done by a random person, including any of the squatters who live in the building in the background. That, by the way, is an interesting story worth a separate post.
Sitters or Squatters?
No matter the reason, it’s one of those little creative things here in the city that I can’t help but love. Be it art, protest, humor, or just a nice spot to sit, it certainly keeps things interesting!