Foto Vrijdag: Autumn Colors

Autumn Domtoren
Our summer may have been miserable, but our autumn has been fantastic. Today was surprisingly warm and the sunlight and the autumn colors added to the beauty of the day. I was shooting straight into the sun, resulting in some sunbursts and wild colors, but I love this view of the tree full of orange and yellow leaves accompanying the Domtoren rising up over the city rooftops. It’s a sight that never fails to put a smile on my face.

Here’s another view of the trees along the Wittevrowensingel. Not quite as technicolor as my first photo, but still full of beautiful autumn colors. The leaves are all going out in a blaze of glory!

Eclipse Alternative (UDP)

Better Than an Eclipse
This morning, there was a partial eclipse (zonsverduistering) of the sun. I missed it, though, because it was the one day I managed to fall back to sleep after awaking early, and thus slept in later than usual. That said, it was awfully overcast here this morning, so I’m not sure how clear it would have been, or how much darker it would have been. Still, some people did manage to get some nice photos of the eclipse. You can see some here.

Things have cleared up here today, though, and the sun was shining brightly around noon. That’s when this photo was taken. Did you catch the part where I said this was taken at noon today? Notice the position of the sun in the sky during what should be its zenith? Yeah, gotta love winter suns. I may have missed the partial eclipse, but I think the sun shining through the trees, and the various clouds and vapor trails have more than made up for the light show I missed this morning.

Foto Vrijdag 2.50 Golden Arch

The snow they’ve been predicting off and on all week has arrived with a vengeance, it seems. Transportation seems to have ground to a standstill across the country. I’m glad we’re snug at home. Still, I think it’s warmer than it was Sunday when we went to the Christmas market (kerstmarkt). It was a cold but pretty day, with some beautiful golden sunlight toward the later part of the afternoon. I particularly liked the golden reflection on this bridge, which is at the very southern end of the old city center of Utrecht.

Foto Vrijdag 2.49 Take Me Back to New Orleans

Shades of New Orleans
It’s not New Orleans; it’s off the Mariaplaats here in Utrecht, but it certainly does remind me of some of the beautiful buildings with their wrought-iron balconies in New Orleans. This photo was taken a couple of months ago in mid October. It was getting colder by then, but we still had some days of beautiful golden sunlight. The famous Dutch Light isn’t a myth to me. It can be absolutely stunning here sometimes, making even the most mundane thing into a thing of beauty!

It seems there’s even a documentary that has been made about that famous Dutch light, investigating whether it’s more than a myth and if it still exists. I’m going to have to track this one down. For those of you with Netflix, it seems to be available there.

The past few days here have been a real mix of occasional sunlight, mixed in with snow, and the more frequent overcast skies. Not far off from the infamous four seasons in one day. We were expecting some more snow today, but that seems to have been altered to expected rain. In other words, it’s all kind of meh. Thank goodness for sparkly Christmas tree lights and warm chocomel (hot chocolate). I thought this picture might brighten things up a bit today, too. Cross your fingers that Sunday’s weather forecast improves. That’s the day of the Twijnstraat Kerstmarkt (Christmas market), which I enjoyed last year and hope to visit again.

Foto Vrijdag 2.27

Evening Glitter
It’s been a quiet week for me. Not much going on except for THE NETHERLANDS MAKING IT TO THE FINAL ROUND OF THE WORLD CUP!!!!!!!

But yeah, other than that, fairly quiet. Not a lot of photography going on, either, other than a few shots of the cats and last night’s dinner. I did take this shot on Saturday, while I was hanging out on the Vismarkt on the Oudegracht with Kerryanne and Ken. The conversation was excellent, but when I saw this glow, I couldn’t resist taking a quick shot. This is around 9:30 pm and after a very rainy start to the evening, seeing this dazzle seemed a perfect cap to a great meetup with friends. The light definitely mirrored my mood!

Happy birthday to Ken and happy travels to Kerryanne. May your days be sunny and beautiful!

Foto Vrijdag 2.4

After posting about the futuristic house earlier in the week, I figured I’d post a return to the more traditional style of Dutch architecture today. Plus, the early evening light (another springtime picture) is so warm and golden and appealing on a cold, grey day like today, where we’re getting rain and may get some snow.