Foto Vrijdag: Points of Interest

Points of Interest
This photo of the Catharijneconvent was taken at the same time and basically the same spot as the photo of the Domtoren I posted yesterday. The setting sun on all of these beautiful architectural details thrilled me. And yes, that is a painted bull’s head on the building to the left. It’s known as the Kleine Vleeshal, or the small meat hall. It is a 15th century building and was used by the butcher’s guild to sell the meat.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity


I’ve been battling a cold this week, so not a lot of blogging or photography has taken place. I was hoping to find a more specific image for this week’s theme of opportunity, but I’m going to have to go with my backup plan. You see, when I have my camera with me, I take every opportunity to photograph the Domtoren.

I was lucky a few weeks ago when I happened to catch this view of the Domtoren. The sun was setting and the interior of the tower seemed to be glowing with a rosy light. The Domtoren is lit at night, and often specially lit with beautiful colors as part of the Trajectum Lumen lights. To see this natural light-show was a lucky moment and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to catch this moment, even if I didn’t manage to capture the light as well as I would have liked. Fortunately, I’m sure I’ll have other opportunities.
Rosy Glow

Anyone Have Any Brick?

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Oudewater to finally experience the thrill and frustration of Kolonisten. It’s a game a bit like a mix of Risk and the Sims, as you build up and trade resources and grow your developments and build streets. The title of this post refers to one of the materials you need to build roads and cities. It’s the one material I was always short of the first round. My kingdom for a brick! If you haven’t annoyed your competitors too much with the Robber, you can always try to trade materials with each other. The game is a lot of fun and there’s a lot of strategy involved, as well. It’s also an excellent game to play with friends while nibbling on lots of different cheeses and meats and breads and dips, as were so generously provided by our hosts. We had a wonderful evening of good friends, good fun and good food. If you play board games, I highly recommend this one.

Rather than worry about driving to Oudewater, we decided to take the bus this time. We managed without any real difficulty, other than a bit of confusion over whether we’d properly checked in and out with the OV-chipkart getting on and off the buses. It was charming to see how friendly and cheerful the passengers were with the bus driver, chatting and saying goodbye and thanks as they got off. I guess if you ride the same bus regularly, you start to recognize your driver. Taking the bus also meant we got to walk through a bit more of Oudewater and enjoy a beautiful dusk. The sky at 10 at night was washed with a beautiful mix of pinks, blues and purples.
And this was the view at the bus stop. Not bad!
Bus Stop View

Celebrating the Sunset

On the Way to Oudewater
Friday night we went to Oudewater for a delicious dinner with friends. On the way there, I couldn’t help but notice the sunset. I don’t get to see much of one nowadays, because of the buildings surrounding us, so I really enjoyed seeing this beautiful mix of clouds and glowing sun. It also made me think of this blog post by Aledys Ver, with the lovely idea of viewing a sunset as a performance: cheering when it’s good and demanding your money back when it’s bad. I think this one definitely deserved a cheer.
Burning Through