DSC08161So it seems that 600,000-800,000 tourists are expected here in Utrecht for the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in July. The city’s population will double or nearly triple.

That’s a LOT of people.

I thought the Domplein seemed much too crowded with tourists as it is on a normal sunny Sunday. Hmmm. Maybe I should stop encouraging people to visit more of the country than just Amsterdam.

Foto Vrijdag 2.14

Today has been absolutely gorgeous! Sun is shining, the temperatures have warmed up considerably, and I finally got a chance to get some shots of this tree. I saw it last year, but didn’t have my camera with me usually, and then I was injured and didn’t get out to see it again. Today, I was determined to get a shot of it.

When the sun shines here in the Netherlands, everyone heads outdoors. As a result, the Oudegracht area was packed! For 2:30 in the afternoon on a Friday, the sheer number of people was impressive. There were also numerous tour groups, which further clogged the streets. I guess the Utrecht marketing is working. I don’t remember seeing so many tour groups all at once.

If you’re in the Netherlands, don’t forget that this weekend is Museum Weekend. Museums all over the country will be opening their doors to visitors for free or for drastically reduced entrance fees. We’re going to head out tomorrow to visit a couple of the museums, and then on Sunday I’m off for dim sum with some friends. If the weather holds out, this should be a lovely weekend. Maybe we’ll even dust off the grill!

Fijne weekend!