Sunday Cats

Is Anyone Watching?
I was going to make a Caturday post about this cat we saw last week, but then I took the day off from computers and such yesterday and forgot about it. I’m sure somewhere in the world the word for cat somehow rhymes with a word for Sunday.

So yes, last Sunday as we were on our way to the Streekmarkt, I saw this cat looking quite intently at this tree. I couldn’t see if there was a bird that was the real source of interest, but you could tell that this cat was weighing up its ability to climb up that tree. I caught it looking around, as if hoping to avoid an audience, and also seeing if there was enough space to get a running jump. It didn’t seem inclined to make any move with us watching, so off we went. Maybe we should have walked back that way, just to make sure the cat hadn’t gotten stuck!
Can I Make It?