The Art of Nature

Trees and Shadows
This little park area is a favorite of mine. As well as being next to the Nieuwegracht, it’s also the home of my beloved Spoetnikkijker statue. It’s also home to some really beautiful trees that are sometimes even more interesting when their branches are bare. They have some fantastic textures and shapes.

On this day, my eye was caught by all the shadows I was seeing everywhere, thanks to the bright sunlight. In particular, I found myself drawn to the shadows of the trees on the modern apartment buildings next to the park.
Trees and ShadowsPlenty of buildings in the Netherlands take advantage of their large side walls to serve as canvases for some attractive and sometimes thought-provoking artwork. In this case, the building seemed a perfect canvas for a bit of art from Mother Nature. The shadow of this one tree in particular was a brilliant bit of graphic art with strong lines and swirling curves, moving your eye up and around the whole image.

Mother Nature is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.
Trees and Shadows

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring in all of Its Green Glory

Garden GreeneryThis week’s photo challenge theme is spring in all of its many glories and charms. For me, spring is the return of walks around the city, admiring all the little nooks and crannies that come alive with greenery and blooms, both wild and intentional. Crocuses, tulips, and daffodils spring up in abstract masses in almost every grassy area surrounding the old city center.

On a recent walk, I was blown away by the profuse greenery surrounding the Lievendaal villa. The shade of the trees, the intensity of the green, and the pops of blue from tiny flowers turned this little corner into a verdant wonderland that doesn’t seem like it will truly be contained by the wrought-iron fence.Garden Greenery