Early Morning in the Park


I thought I’d take advantage of the panoramic option on my phone this morning and get a shot of the park where I take Charlie (he’s in the midground on the path on the left, by the way). The sun was shining and casting a beautiful warm glow, and everything was peaceful, with just the sounds of students on bicycles going past.

We had the park to ourselves, so I took advantage and let Charlie wander around on his own, sniffing whatever caught his fancy. I also try to work on getting him to come back when called. That’s hit or miss, though he’s getting better. He doesn’t run away from me, like Pippo did, but he does take his time getting back to me sometimes.

Unfortunately, if he sees something he’s interested in (mainly another dog), he’s likely to ignore me and go running over to see if the other dog wants to play. That’s why I only let him off lead if there’s no other dog in the park, unless that dog wants to play, too. I know Charlie isn’t aggressive, but the other dog could be, or it could be afraid. I don’t want to upset any dogs or owners. Fortunately, he ignores most people in the park, unless they have food. Basically, I try to keep an eagle eye out at all times for any approaching dogs or food. That’s also why I tend to pick certain times to hit the park, when I know it will be fairly empty.