Utrecht Skyline

Views from Neudeflat
Friday I posted a teaser of a photo with a view of Neude square from above. Today, the grand reveal. Thanks to the post I did a couple of weeks ago about the Neudeflat building that is considered an eye-sore by many in Utrecht, someone filled my request to see the view from the top of the building. Herbert, a Twitter acquaintance, happens to work for the city, who own the building. He kindly offered to take me up to the 16th floor to see the grand view of Utrecht from above.

The weather had turned a bit foggy, so distance views weren’t great, but the low light worked out well. I really do have a lot of photos, but for today, just a few overviews. I’m thinking up ideas for some of the other photos.

In the first photo, obviously you see the Domtoren and the cathedral, with the Willibrord church on the far left. The building in the middle foreground area with the flags is the stadhuis (city hall) and the Oudegracht canal runs off to the right, though it’s a bit lost amid all the buildings.

And now, a bit to the northeast, here’s a view of Voorstraat as it leads off from Neude square, and on the left is an old water tower. This is the binnenstad, the old city center, but notice all the trees. It’s an old, urban city, but it’s nice to see bits of greenery, as well.
Views from Neudeflat
That’s all for now, but you’ll be seeing plenty more in the coming weeks, I’m sure.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

The first weekly photo challenge of the year deals with the not surprising concept of resolutions. I’ve been meaning to go to the restaurant/cafeteria at the V&D store in the Hoog Catherijne mall for some time now, in order to take advantage of the view out over the city. The restaurant has a wall of windows that give a great view, but seating next to the window is limited and the one time I had tried to go, it was too full for me to get anywhere near the windows.

A friend and I had been talking about going during the latter part of last year, but things came up that prevented our visit. Fortunately, we were able to fulfil this particular resolution quite early in the year, meeting up on Thursday late enough in the afternoon to eventually be able to swoop in on a table by the windows. It’s fascinating to see the city from this viewpoint. Almost all of the streets seem to disappear, leaving only rooftops, but you can still pick out lots of landmarks and general areas of town based on the rooftops.


Even more amazing was seeing how massive the Domtoren (the large bell tower in the center) looks, even when seen from this perspective. If anything, it looked even bigger than ever!

We stuck around long enough to see the early evening darkness settle and the lights of the city begin to come on. I liked that there were only one or two streets that you could really see from that vantage point, but at night, they shone with the brightly coloured holiday lights that are still up. They create little streams and pools of light and colour against the inky blue of the sky and city. I’m so glad I finally got to experience the view for myself.