Market Weekend in Utrecht

This weekend’s outings seemed to focus on visiting different markets taking place in town. Yesterday was a trip to Neude for Le Bazaar, a vintage/handmade market in conjunction with Le Guess Who music festival also taking place this weekend.

Today, since the weather was nice for a change and the sun was actually shining, we headed over to Twijnstraat for the semi-monthly Streekmarkt, a street market with a variety of foods, wines, oils, teas, and other food and non-food items. There was a surprisingly nice white wine actually made here in the Netherlands, down in the Brabant region, and I tried a fruity vinaigrette that would be nice on summer salads. The array of macarons and chocolate letters at Josephine’s were as tempting as the rainbow of dried fruits at another stall.

As we walked back home along the Oudegracht, we decided to stop at one of the cafés at the Donker Gaard for our first gluhwein of the season. Since the temperature wasn’t too cold out, we enjoyed a table outdoors with a view of the Oudegracht, with the warm spiced wine to keep the chill off. It was a nice, relaxed way to spend a beautiful Sunday in Utrecht. Hopefully the weather will be as cooperative in a couple of weeks when the Twijnstraat Kerstmarkt (Christmas Market) takes place 15 December.