Random Sunday Observations

Shady Oasis
Why is ok for street sweeper machines to be out working at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning, but god forbid a normal store be open?

Pippo and I took a little walk before breakfast this morning and wandered through Janskerkhof. Despite the torrential downpours we’ve had in the past 24 hours, the scent of yesterday’s flower market still hung heavy in the air.

The rain looks like it’s on its way back any minute now. We got the walk in just in time. Today is Culturele Zondag (Ga Groen!), but I’m not sure the weather will encourage me to leave the house again. Baking, on the other hand, seems like the perfect rainy-day activity. I think I’ll make a small batch of muffins with a little bit of chocolate and the handful of strawberries I have left.

Ups and Downs

I finally fell down the stairs Friday. I figured it had to happen someday, although I was expecting it to be on the stairs of death leading to the upper floor, not to be on the last few steps to the ground floor. I was standing on the last steps, talking to Giovanni, but when I went to finish walking downstairs, my foot slipped. My other foot, which had been a bit bent on one of the steps, decided to bend all the way back as I slid down the last few steps. Fortunately, Giovanni was there to catch me as I tried to decide if I was just in pain or extreme pain.

Fortunately, nothing was broken or seriously damaged; no bruises or major swelling. It’s still a bit twingey, but not unbearably so by any means. In fact, if the weather holds up, i.e., doesn’t actually rain, I may take Pippo for a walk. Perhaps not to Wilhelmina Park, but at least to Griftpark or just around some streets that we haven’t covered often in past walks.

I haven’t taken any proper photos in ages, outside of pictures and short videos of the cats and the occasional Pippo shot. I’d like to take the camera out for some fresh air.

As I’m sitting here typing this — and saying I hope it doesn’t rain — I suddenly hear a noise outside that sounds like sharp rain. But no, it’s not rain, it’s ice pellets! I obviously spoke too soon about getting out today. Oh well, it’s still morning; perhaps this afternoon will be slightly more conducive to a bit of a wander.

What is this?!