Foto Vrijdag 2.5

I just realized that I never posted about the geese who came for a visit last week. We see the usual array of ducks in the canal by the Stadsschouwburg, but last week while coming home from grocery shopping, I noticed a lot of white down by the theater. At first, I thought it was a herd of swans, but no, it was a gaggle of geese. With their brilliant white feathers and the snow that remained on the ground, it was quite a beautiful winter image. As they paddled and played in the glossy water, it was hard not to become captivated.

Foto Vrijdag 1.1

A picturesque canal and quiet street toward the northwest part of the city center. It is evocatively called Zwartewater (Blackwater), although the area is nowhere near as ominous as the name. It’s one of those charming little streets/canals that make you stop and admire the view. The inclusion of the bicycle in the little rest area put the Dutchness of the scene into overload, you could say.

And here’s a closeup of the black (and green and gold) water. I loved the ripples and reflections.