A Big Yellow Building and the Moon

Any wander around town when friends are visiting deserves a brief stop at the Willem Arntsz Huis. Between the amazing building and the big yellow birdies, it’s definitely worth a short stop. So while my friend was visiting last weekend and we happened to be in the vicinity, we took a quick detour. It wasn’t that late, but dusk was arriving and the moon was already out, so it created a nice setting for some simple silhouettes of the lamp posts and the bare branches of the tree. The photos aren’t as crisp as I would have liked, but they’re not bad for having been taken with a phone.

Big Yellow Birdies and Buildings

Friday I gave you a bit of a challenge to recognize where in Utrecht the big birdy could be found. Since I took the photo, I kind of knew, but to be honest, I was cheating a bit and hoping someone else could give me some more information about the specific location, because it’s more than just birdies. It’s part of a whole building complex.
Willem Arntsz Huis
I knew I’d seen photos of it before in one of the Flickr Utrecht groups, so eventually I did track down some more information by finding some photos other people have taken of the big yellow building. It turns out to be the Willem Arntsz Huis, a mental health institution. The modern yellow building is just part of a larger and long-standing complex, but it’s certainly an eye-catching and interesting one. It might not blend, especially in the museum quarter, but it’s still attractive. The more recent addition of the budgerigars adds a certain whimsy to the intense geometry of the building.
Geel Huis
For the record, it’s on Vrouwjuttenhof, just off Vrouwjuttenstraat, which in turn is off Lange Nieuwstraat.