Gelukkig 2012

Bacchus, the God of Wine
We went for a walk today, as I like to do on the first of January when it’s quiet and there’s just the leftover remnants of the night’s celebrations. Usually, there’s the remains of the fireworks, although I think the city cleanup crew got there before I did, since the worst of it seemed to be gone already. Still, as we walked past Janskerkhof, I saw the perfect symbol. The fountain of Bacchus, empty, with an empty wine bottle sitting in his lap. I couldn’t resist this shot, of course!

Our New Year’s Eve was a bit of a bust in some senses. Our lasagne dinner was delicious as always, but we couldn’t fully get into the spirit of the evening because Pippo was a quivering, shaking mess for about nine hours. When you see your dog in such misery, it’s hard to feel like celebrating. We gave him some light anti-anxiety medicine, but next year he’s going to need a stronger dose. In fact, he was so tired today that he seemed quite content to stay home while G and I went for the walk around town. Since yesterday wasn’t such a great evening, we’re doing a New Year’s Eve 2.0 tonight. Instead of lasagne, we’re doing the traditional Southern (US) New Year’s Day meal of pork, greens (kale, in this case) and hoppin’ John (rice and black-eyed peas). But with some more sparkling wine to celebrate, and hopefully room for the oliebollen we never got around to eating last night! And I’m sure we’ll have an earlier bedtime! But at least we’ll all be happy and calm and can have a nicer start to 2012.

Gelukkig nieuwjaar! Happy New Year!

In the Lap of the God

Wine Tasting/Wijnproeven

Wine Tasting/Wijnproeven
My boyfriend, who is from Italy, has recently begun a wine distribution business, offering Italian wines primarily from the Trentino region, along the Alps. The wines from this region are excellent and the wines he is offering are particularly good; they are well-balanced, with appealing floral and fruity flavors and aromas, without being over-the-top or in your face. They go well with a variety of foods, but also stand on their own as wines to sip and savor over good conversation.

To help spread the word, we are hosting a special wine tasting event on Sunday afternoon, 14 November, from 14:00 to 16:00, at the Café de Potdeksel (Lucasbolwerk 23) here in Utrecht. The event is free. All we ask in return is that you come with the name and address of your wine store(s) of choice (other than Gall & Gall), and maybe the names of a few restaurants you enjoy. In return for that little bit of information, you get to taste a variety of wines that run the gamut: white, rosé, red, sparkling, and dessert wines. You will also have the opportunity to order any of these wines at the wholesale price. There is a six-bottle minimum, but you can mix and match any combination you want. Prices start around €6.50, so six bottles isn’t much.

With the holidays coming up, you could always use this opportunity to buy some excellent wine to give as gifts or to serve at parties, or simply to enjoy yourself when all the holiday festivities get a bit much! The tasting will be a nice party in its own right, with snacks on hand to accompany the wines.

We would love to have anyone who enjoys wine to come to the event, even if you’re not living in Utrecht. We hope to expand to restaurants and wine stores in other cities, as well. Even if you’re not a fan of wine, if you know someone who is, please tell them about the event. The only thing I ask is that anyone planning on coming e-mail me or leave me a comment here so that we know how many people are coming. I hope some of you who read my blog will come along so that we can all meet face to face over a nice glass of wine! The event will be in English, but there will be Dutch friends attending who can help with any translation if necessary. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have. I will be more than happy to answer. I look forward to seeing you!