Best Laid Plans …

So yeah, not much blogging this week, but that was due in part to working on a great freelance job, and in part due to a lack of inspiration. Then, today, I got some inspiration, but when I went searching through my photos, I couldn’t find any good ones to accompany the story, and it really does kind of need some pictures.

So instead you get some photos of the balloons outside the bibliotheek (library) on the Oudegracht. I took them yesterday while waiting to meet someone who is going to provide me with some more work. Yay! Balloons to celebrate! Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get some photos to illustrate the post I wanted to write.
Bibliotheek Balloons

A Few Photos on Friday

All that work I’ve been doing recently on the ol’ resume seems to have paid off; my proposal was chosen for one of the jobs I applied for on So for the past few days, I’ve been editing some articles about New Zealand tourism. Who knew my interest in the country would finally pay off! The “sound of Te Awamutu had a truly sacred ring” a few decades ago when I first heard Crowded House’s song “Mean to Me”, and I’ve been curious about the country ever since.

Unfortunately, the editing work meant I didn’t get to get out and enjoy the brief bit of sunshine we had this week! All I could do was look at it out the window. Someone else who got to enjoy the sunshine was this huge bird that’s been visiting our back garden for the past couple of weeks.
Big Bird
My cat Lola has been glued to the windows in the kitchen, watching this bird — possibly bigger than Lola herself — flitting from bike to branch to brick.

The weather isn’t looking too promising this weekend, but I’m determined to get out for at least a little while. Maybe a trip to the Saturday market, if nothing else. I need some new photos! I hope you all get to enjoy your weekend!