I Be Trippin’

Thanks to Aga, one of the lovely people who actually reads this blog, I recently received the opportunity to start blogging for Trippist.com, a site designed to help visitors to the Netherlands find out about some of the events going on throughout the country. It started primarily focusing on Amsterdam — what else is new — but they’ve been branching out and I get to do my bit for Utrecht.

Today marks my first post — for those who know my art history background, you won’t be surprised that my first post is about an art exhibit — and I should be posting a few times a week from here on out. Surprising how gut-churning it was to actually click the “publish” button! Despite years spent working in publishing, it’s always a bit nerve-wracking to send stuff out for public consumption. This blog doesn’t count; it’s just me rambling.

Hopefully, as I try to get out and visit some of the events myself, I might have more to write about here on a slightly more regular basis. I blame the recent heatwave and an allergy attack for the lack of recent posts here. That and my recent introduction to True Blood, the tv series. It’s Louisiana vampires; of course I’m going to watch! I didn’t live in New Orleans and get an Anne Rice book autographed for nothin’! 😉