Project 365 In Review

Along with my Foto Vrijdagen (Photo Fridays), I’ve been doing a Project 365 challenge this year, in which I take at least a photo a day. I’m proud to say that as of tomorrow, I will have completed the project. While going through the photos, I thought I’d pull out my favorites this year and post them here. Some you may have seen before, others you may not have seen, for lack of relevance to Utrecht. I’ll post the first half today and the second half tomorrow, along with my final photo of the project/year/foto vrijdag. For what it’s worth, this is as close as I come to a year-in-review posting.

Personal Jesus [Day 18/365]

Just Married II [Day 22/365]

Snow Bike [Day 41/365]

Alessi [Day 50/365]

Twisty People [Day 52/365]

Casting Shadows [Day 61/365]

Window Seat [Day 63/365]

Café Cat [Day 71/365]

Continuation of a Theme [Day 84/365]

Nuts for Nuts [Day 94/365]

Watcher [Day 100/365]

Bonte [Day 105/365]

Power Sources [Day 136/365]

Geometric [Day 140/365]

No Little Plans [Day 146/365]